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are truly deflationary assets



Deflation is the shortening of the quantity of a product. In turn, the price of the remaining products increases while demand remains the same. Especially in the NFT sector, a rising floor price leads to more demand and attention, which additionally increases this effect.

Why are Alpha NFTs deflationary?

The Fusion

Create the best version of your Alpha. With the Fusion system you can actively contribute to the deflation and turn two alphas into one. But not just any alpha. You create an improved Alpha with the better traits of the original Alphas. This way you not only reduce the maximum number of remaining Alphas but also make yours rarer and more valuable. These new generation 2 Alphas have special perks like 3 x Staking rewards and are more powerfull.

*Planned release of Alpha Fusion in about 1 month.

Fusion .png

We know that this system can be quite complex and not easy to understand right away.

For this reason, in one of our first Youtube videos we explained the whole deflationary system in more detail.

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