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$ALPHA Token
Why $Alpha is the REAL DEAL

$ALPHA is the utility and governance token of the Alphas. It is the currency of the game, the community and the entire Alpha ecosystem. 

What can you do with $Alpha? Pretty much everything an Alpha heart desires. 
Future collections, power-ups, items and in the future even comics or real-life items can be purchased with $Alpha. Furthermore you can buy tickets in the  Alpha Lottery and win NFTs of different Blue-Chip collections. Finally, in the Alpha game you can buy improvements for your Alpha in the ingame marketplace. 

Earn .png

How do you get $Alpha? 

Just one way, which will make the $Alpha token so desirable. So much use and demand, but only one way to get it. Alpha holders have the possibility to get $Alpha for free by staking. You can stake your Alpha NFTs here now and $Alpha will be automatically added to your wallet.  So get your Alpha or Alphine and start earning. $Alpha is exclusively for Alpha Holders, who can buy various things with it like Blue-Chip NFTs, collections, items, Power ups, comics and soon Real Life products.

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