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Innovation is our priority
and Revolution our passion.

A revenue sharing launchpad powered by AlphaGorillas

Click below to get to the AlphaPad


Alpha Holder Revenue

What's so special about the AlphaPad? Well, there are a lot of things, but one is that you as an Alpha Holder can earn money with the AlphaPad.

The AlphaPad shares the mint revenue with the Alpha Holders! With each Mint, Alpha Holders earn Solana for each Alpha they own. So Solana is airdropped to all Alpha Holders on a weekly basis. A whole 25% of the Alpha Pad Revenues.

The Incubator program

An exclusive service that has never been offered before. The Inubator provides every resource that a successful project in development or start-up may need. From the idea to the completion of the roadmap.

Earn your %

You know someone with a promising Solana NFT project or have found an innovative project that fits perfectly to the AlphaPad?

Then connect this project with the AlphaPad. Be the middleman between project and AlphaPad and earn 2% of the AlphaPad earnings from this project.

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on Magic Eden

exclusively available on Magic Eden, Solanart und Alphaart

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