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Our staking platform is now live and you are able to stake your Alphas for $ALPHA



Your mission, your choice. Which character do you choose? Which one is better suited to accomplish the mission of the Alphas? Is it the agile and fast Alphine or the strong and resistant Alpha? Most likely, it will be a mixture of both!

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Hold, Play & Earn

Your Alphas and Alphines are a digital money production. 
With an Alpha in your wallet, you will receive regular Solana airdrops from the Alpha Pad directly into your wallet. In addition you can also stake your Alpha and earn $ALPHA, which you can use throughout the ecosystem. Alphines get 2x staking rewards, which gives them the edge in the ecosystem.

In the future you can even earn money in the Alpha Game. 
On the one hand by completing missions and tasks, but on the other hand also by lending your Alphas to other players.

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I. Release Staking

Staking is the only way to earn $ALPHA and dive into the exciting Alpha ecosystem! Staking rewards vary depending on the Alpha NFT. With $ALPHA you can buy everything an NFT lover needs.

II. Release Alphines

Alphines are the better half of any Alpha. They are not only a community lover, they will be extremely fast and agile characters in the game and get twice as high staking rewards as the Alphas. So Alphines give you the advantage in the $Alpha ecosystem.

III. Build the $Alpha ecosystem

The heart of the project. This distinguishes this project from 99% of all other projects and it can now finally be realized. It is a great cycle that complements each other perfectly. With $ALPHA you can mint future Alpha collections, buy existing Bluechip NFTs in the Alpha Lottery, get items and power ups for your Alphas and even buy real life items in the future. The best part is that Alpha Holders get $ALPHA for free when staking. All you need is an Alpha or an Alphine and you can enjoy the journey.

IV. Build the Alpha brand

Building the "ALPHA" brand goes hand in hand with our comics. In the near future, ALPHA will launch physical products to expand the horizon.

V. Release first Comic

Alpha Comics are high quality comics made by a team of talented artists and best selling authors. Alpha Comics are published in various editions and bring the extensive history of the Alphas closer. The first comic will be released very soon.

Check out the first pages already here. 

VI. Release Fusion

The beauty of deflation. The Fusion system provides a natural deflation of the Alphas. The complicated system has already been in development for a long time. 

VII. Release Game Demo

Our pride, vision and ultimate goal for this project. Alpha makes NFT/blockchain gaming mainstream on Solana. We are working on an Unreal Engine 5 Play to Earn Story game, which will soon have a playable game demo for all Alphas.

Let's save a species. Together.

For a very long time Gorillas have been a rare sight in the wild. The truth is that some Gorilla species are even on the verge of extinction. Gorilla hunting, habitat short - humans - have not made it easy for the Gorilla species to survive, or even just to spread. 

Our goal with Alpha Gorillas is to draw attention to exactly this issue and to contribute to the protection of these magnificent animals.

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We want to do more than just make a donation to an organization. That is already very commendable, but we imagined it a little differently. We want to be on site, help out ourselves and provide resources that are really needed.

We are very curious to see how this will develop. We are already in contact with various organizations and are trying to find the best solution. This is not something we want to do or do alone. Every Alpha is welcome!


Get involved and we can make a difference. Together!


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