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Alpha Gorillas


5000 unique Alpha Gorillas will be wildly unleashed on the Solana blockchain. But not just like that, the Alphas have a plan.

The Alphas came to safe their own species and carry away everyone they meet along the way.
Meeting and keeping an Alpha brings you enormous advantages like a breeding feature to earn money, deflation, discounts, raffles to win exclusive prizes, a chance to have a unique Alpha experience and...oh, by the way you save the endangered gorillas. 
But be careful, not every Alpha is looking for a peaceful approach to solve the problem.

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A roadmap built for change.

A roadmap built for innovation.

The Alpha Gorilla roadmap is not like that of any NFT project. It is designed to become more than just a NFT project, but much more a mainstream success.

A roadmap designed for long term success and to benefit our holders.
But see for yourself. The Alphas are storming towards you with a lot of missions to complete.


  Keep in mind that this is not the        final Roadmap. There is a lot more    to come!


Mission 1: Mint

The Alphas arrive in your hometown.

Mission 2: Trading

The Alphas will be listed on major Solana Marketplaces.

Mission 3: Donations and Experts

The Alphas will save their own species with the help of experts and donations to charities.

Mission 4: Lottery tickets

The Alpha Raffles has found its winners and the prizes are being sent out.

Mission 5: Safari Experience

One lucky Alpha Holder will experience a Safari Tour in Africa and will be able to see the Alpha Gorillas in real life.

Mission 6: The first digital comic

The Alpha Gorillas will publish multiple digital comics in the future. Randomly, different alphas are selected and appear in these comics. Holders of the appearing Alphas are rewarded with exciting cash prizes.

Mission 7: Alpha Merchandise

The first 500 Alpha Holders will get large discounts for Alpha Merch.

Mission 8: Alpha admission card

The Alphas serve as your ticket into some new NFT projects. An Alpha holder is automatically whitelisted for selected projects.

Mission 9: Female Alphas & Breeding

The Alphines are coming! Female gorillas will help the Alphas on this journey. Together they can breed baby alphas!

Mission 10: The next chapter

The Alpha Gorillas realize that the work is not done yet and need reinforcements. On planet Earth, unfortunately, there are hardly any Alphas left to help with their mission to save the gorillas. 
Nevertheless, new Alphas come to help, but from where?

Alpha Gorillas

Utility & use case

The Alphas are not only completely unique and rare works of art, but also have a benefit for the real world and for the holders of the Alphas.




Play to Earn


Lottery - Ticket

Minting Progress

500 Mints

The first 500 Holders will be able to mint an Alphine for free.

The first 500 Alpha Holders will receive large discounts for the Alpha Merch.

1000 Mints

Among the first 1000 Alpha Holders a 1000$ cash prize will be raffled. They will also have access to an exclusive group called "ALPHA - CLUB".

2000 Mints

Among the first 2000 Alpha Holders a 2000$ cash prize will be raffled. Furthermore, a 1of1 Special Edition Alpha will be awarded to another winner.

3000 Mints

Among the first 3000 Alpha Holders a 3000$ cash prize will be raffled. There will also be a raffle for a complete Alpha-Merch set.

4000 Mints

Among the first 4000 Alpha Holders a 4000$ cash prize will be raffled. Physical editions of the digital showroom will also be drawn among these alphas.

5000 Mints

Among the first 5000 Alpha Holders a 5000$ cash prize will be raffled. One lucky Alpha Holder will also win an exclusive Safari tour in Africa.

Traits & Rarities

There are a total of 5000 unique Alpha Gorillas with more than 100 different traits. Each trait is divided into different levels of rarity.



Here you can find out more about Traits & Rarities

Alpha Gorillas - Theme Video

close to extinction

Let's save a species

For a very long time Gorillas have been a rare sight in the wild. The truth is that some Gorilla species are even on the verge of extinction. Gorilla hunting, habitat destruction...in short - humans - have not made it easy for the Gorilla species to survive, or even just to spread. 


Some big animal welfare organizations like WWF have been fighting against the extinction of Gorillas for a long time. Saving an entire species is not easy and cannot be done alone. For this reason, 5000 Alpha Gorillas are now rising up and will play a vital part.


So what are you waiting for? Get your Alpha and save the world!


Breeding and Deflation

NFT projects with guaranteed increase in value do not exist? Really? 
The Alpha Gorillas are making NFTs deflationary now. 
A new type of breeding and fusion system is steadily decreasing the total number of Alphas, while the existing ones are becoming rarer and rarer. How much the total number of alphas decreases is completely in the hands of the holders. 
Thus, it is a system that cannot be manipulated from the outside, which makes NFTs deflationary for the first time. 

Unbenanntes_Projekt 2.png

Furthermore, it is possible to breed Baby Gorillas with rare traits within the framework of our breeding system and thus to further evolve your Alphas and Alphines. To raise your Baby Gorilla you can either collect XP by just holding it or you can accelerate the whole process by playing many different minigames in our application (There can also be earned SOL in this process).
You can also lend the traits of your alpha to alphine holders for breeding and get paid by them through our Alpha-Love application. This gives the Alphine holders the opportunity to get even rarer traits for his alpha without having to own the alpha immediately. But have a look at the following visualization.

Unbenanntes_Projekt (2).png

Alpha Gorillas

Project Overview

The Alpha Gorillas consist of 5000 unique 3D gorillas with more than 100 different traits. The Alphas are not only completely unique and rare works of art, but also have a benefit for the real world and the holders of the Alphas. Be it donations to save the gorillas, raffles to win cash prizes or the opportunity to earn money as a holder of an Alpha Gorilla. 


Coming Soon


The holders of the Alphas have access to a the ALPHA DAO. They will vote on internal decisions and will determine what happens to the DAO wallet balance. Also, from time to time NFTs will be collected for the Alpha DAO. As an Alpha Holder you are automatically a member of the DAO and have a big say in the future of the project.



"Because we believe that trust is just as important as the quality of our project."

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Head of Operation

The Silverback is responsible for the social media presence, marketing and development. There is no giving up. When he starts something, he finishes it. He has been intensively involved in the crypto and NFT scene for a year.



Head of Marketing

The Specialist is located more in the background. She is a Business & Management student and gives us strategic and legal tips and instructions. For this she uses her knowledge in the areas of law, finance and analytics.

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Creative Director & Artist

The Summoner has been a passionate artist since childhood. His designs are not finished until they are perfect and he shows passion in everything he does.

He has been analyzing the NFT and crypto market for about a year to prepare for this project.